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There are many possible causes of dizziness, some of which may be medical emergencies like after significant head trauma. Some of the more common presentations are due to dysfunction of the structures which control balance such as the vestibular apparatus and the joints and muscle of the neck. Usually patients report several episodes of dizziness […]

Correct Lifting

Lifting injuries are a common cause of back pain. You can protect yourself against damage with good lifting habits, both at home and in the workplace. When you lift, your spine is put under stress. Twisting or jerking while lifting and carrying can injure the small joints of the spine. The discs which separate the […]

Good Posture 101

Posture is the position in which you hold your body upright against gravity while standing, sitting or lying down. Good posture helps minimise the amount of strain imposed on our muscles, joints, and ligaments while performing our daily activities. So why is proper posture essential to good health and fitness? We bet you already know […]

Curbing Your Expectations – The Chiropractic Way

To make an actual lasting structural and mechanical change takes time. Your entire spine must adapt and compensate for the movement created by a spinal adjustment. In some cases, patients may experience some minor discomfort. This is due to the movement created in the spinal joints by the adjustment where there has been relatively little […]

Do’s and Don’ts about Spinal Care

Follow these guidelines during the duration of your chiropractic treatment: Refrain from touching, probing or rubbing the areas that your chiropractor treats. Refrain from sudden twists or rotating a body part beyond normal limit, especially your neck. Refrain from bending your back or spine in any direction. Refrain from stretching, reaching or any other form of […]

Ergonomics and Spinal Care

Your workstation must be arranged in a fashion that suits you best and would not cause stress to your body. Extended hours of repetitive work habits and poor posture in an environment that is stressful can cause an ‘overuse injury’. Employing the following steps can aid in minimising injuries. Optimal Chair Set-up Correct seating posture […]

Ice and Heat Application for Spinal Care

Ice is an effective and natural pain killer and anti-inflammatory agent. Ice can be applied over the inflamed area in the acute or early stages of your problem. Whenever you experience swelling, redness or sharp stabbing pain, it is generally considered best to apply ice. Repeat until symptoms ease – usually for 24-48 hours. Here […]

Home Tips on Spinal Care and Nutrition

Your dietary intake and eating habits offer two of the most influential means of determining how you feel and perform on a daily basis. By following some basic dietary principles, not only can you feel and function better, but you can also significantly increase your ability to fight and resist disease. Do you need another […]

Golf and Chiropractic Care

The average golfer tends to take up golf at an age when he or she is no longer participating in energetic, competitive and physically demanding sports. Unfortunately, this decreased involvement in competitive play contributes to an overall decrease in flexibility – especially of the spine, shoulders, hips and pelvis (key components of a good golf […]

Keep Kids Exercising

It is important for children to establish beneficial health habits at an early age, as lasting health habits are usually solidified during childhood. A 2012 article published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics states that encouraging a healthy level of physical activity in children and teens is crucial for improving health and that […]