X-Ray Examination

At Health Adjusted, to obtain a better clinical picture of your health our first consultation is detailed and comprehensive.

This includes:

  • favicon A detailed case history of your condition, including past episodes, past treatment (if any) and medical/surgical interventions.
  • favicon A thorough physical examination including orthopaedic, neurological, and chiropractic testing.
  • favicon X-rays – when necessary, we may refer you to local radiologists who understand the importance of taking chiropractic X-rays. We have found that it is better for people to be weight-bearing (standing) during our spinal X-rays so that we can see how your spine adapts to carrying your frame when you are upright. This provides us with much more information than if your films are taken lying down.

Our chiropractors also focus on foot analysis that can diagnose problems with your feet which can help with conditions such as flat feet, ankle pain, diabetic feet, knee pain and hip pain. This is especially useful if you wear orthotics.

In addition to our comprehensive analysis, Health Adjusted Chiropractic Centre also utilises modern adjusting tables that have multiple drop-piece segments as well as activator instruments that can be used to deliver very low-force adjustments when appropriate. This ensures we provide the appropriate approach for each individual with minimal discomfort.